Martha Rose Productions is a Toronto-based theatre and film production company. Formed in 2014, the company is the brainchild of Artistic Director/Founder, Rafaela Lewis.  

Rafaela Lewis, Founder & Artistic Director

Rafaela returned to Toronto after spending three years living in New York and receiving her diploma in acting from the Atlantic Theatre Company's Professional Conservatory.  One of the cornerstones of Atlantic is making your own work, as that is how the company was formed.  In the final year, guided by the school's Artistic Director of Productions, Rafaela and her 16 classmates, learned the protocol for creating a theatre company and applied this to establish 'The Plinth' in 2013.  The Plinth, in conjunction with Atlantic, produced the class's final show, Faith, Hope & Charity.

Martha Rose Productions is named after Rafaela's grandmothers.  The company seeks to empower young artists, especially women,  to create their own projects, to pursue work they are passionate about and to never settle for the ordinary.  

We understand that the new generation of Actors no longer work strictly on the stage or film, but rather in all mediums.  Martha Rose seeks to produce multi-platform projects, fitting for the internet-age.

Our goal is to create work that an audience carries with them.  We want our audience to be thinking about the piece a day, a week, a month later.

The company premiered its inaugural show, the Canadian Premiere of Neil LaBute's new adaptation of Miss Julie, in May 2015 to full houses.  

In 2016, the company presented the Canadian Premiere of Chiara Atik's Women at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival (June 29 - July 10, 2016).