Week 5: Questions, Selfies and Knives

From Jade O'Keeffe (Kristine)

Hello! Jade here! I play Kristine in our upcoming production of Miss Julie—and you will soon notice as you read on—I am also the QUEEN of exclamation marks!!!!!! So I apologize in advance. I just find everything exciting. Especially, this show so please come see!!! We open in just under two weeks—wow, how time flies when your having fun.

This rehearsal process has been a dream so far--thanks to Tim, our fearless leader (aka Director) and the amazing cast and crew! As we near the end of rehearsal and the commencement of shows I have always found it useful to reflect on the beginning of the process ...

As an actor I feel it does me a great service to look back at some of my earlier questions I had about the play and about my character specifically. It’s fun to see what ones have been answered, what ones are now irrelevant, and what ones still remain unknown/undiscovered. Below is an example of some of those questions I asked in my journal at the very beginning of the process:


  • Who does she want/wish to be?

  • Does she accept her status?

  • What does “love” mean for Kristine?

  • Has it the same meaning for John?

  • Does she live in the moment or is she always thinking ahead?

  • Does she fear what the future holds?

  • Does she take pride in her job/role in the Miss Julie household?

  • Does she hide behind God as Miss Julie claims she does?

  • Does she actually believe in her faith?

  • Why isn’t she invited/attending the servants dance?

  • Is she the only one not attending?

  • What is Kristine’s idea of a holiday or a break?

  • Is John and Kristine’s love genuine?

  • Does she think of Miss Julie as a friend?

  • Is she comfortable in her role as the cook?

  • John and Julie seem to offer Kristine a lot of pity … How does Kristine feel about being pitied by those who claim to care about her -- well John at least.

  • Who is Clara? (Ha-Ha)

  • How long have John and Kristine been together?

  • John proves to be a good liar … I wonder how much he lies to Kristine?


  • Soon to be mother

  • Friend

  • Lover

  • Worker

  • Servant

  • Daughte

Of course, there are many more—but this gives you a good idea of some of the things I was curious about at the start. Most of these questions have been answered throughout the rehearsal process so far, yet just like in my real life as Jade, some questions are harder to answer and need more time and exploration in order to find more clarity. Thank goodness we have one more solid week of rehearsal!!

There are just three characters in this play—Miss Julie, John and Kristine. I love this!! I think that is what makes this play so good. It gives you so much time as the audience to invest in each character and learn about their individual, personal story. Also, the relationship and differing dynamic struggle between three people is most fascinating to watch and develop as the actor! I want to give a huge shout out to my fellow acting partners—Rafi Lewis and Dan Mousseau for being so wonderful and fun to work with. You guys rock!!!

I took a lovely selfie of the three of us the other day in rehearsal ... Hehe.

AND I sneakily captured one of Dan (John) casually resting with a knife (not our scares prop, I warn you!) While listening to Tim (our Director) give notes. 

Keep updated with the latest and greatest of our upcoming production of Miss Julie! We are excited to share our work with you.  See you in two weeks at the Helen Gardiner Playhouse. 

Best wishes—and hope you are all enjoying this amazing weather!