Week 3: Away with the table!

From Rafaela Lewis (Artistic Director & Julie)

For many actors, myself included, the table represents a bit of a safety net.  There's something magical about having your freshly sharpened pencils, pens, notebook and cup of coffee (or in my case, Diet Coke) all set out nicely in front of you, as you truck along, dissecting the text, asking questions, some of which have been gestating for weeks, most occurring on the commute to rehearsal that day.  

For me, table = comfort, and this week has been all about getting uncomfortable -- in a very, very good way.  In fact, I'll go as far as to say, one of my main goals for this production is to never feel comfortable for more than 45 seconds.

So, this week has taken us onto our feet.  We are still a long ways away from locking in structured blocking, but we are now beginning to explore the space and how the three of us navigate the stage (and each other). The gift of our first two weeks at that oh so intoxicating table is that I have a rough idea of each section's progression and what Julie is in pursuit of.  Much like the blocking is just a rough outline, my analysis is in no ways locked in, and likely will be in a constant state of flux for the next couple of weeks.  But for now, as we rehearse our play, finally on its feet, it feels like we truly are playing!